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Hello, (We’re) Mongoose

We’re a team of higher ed enthusiasts who live and breathe our values. (There’s just something about integrity, in the “whole” sense, that unlocks potential.) Yes, that means this is a pretty great place to work. But maybe more importantly, it means you know what you’re getting by partnering with us.

What are those values?

We’re glad you asked! At Mongoose, we are:

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pur·pose driv·en (adj.): dedicated to a greater impact

Our vision is a world where educational outcomes flourish with a balance of automation and human interaction. To make that vision our reality, we’re revolutionizing how higher education institutions motivate, engage, and grow individuals and communities. (Hey, that sounds quite a bit like your mission! We should talk.)

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cu·ri·ous (adj.): eager to know or learn

We are intellectually secure, which makes it easier to listen and learn (rather than listen to answer). From our technical acumen to our experience working with institutions of all types and sizes, we bring a lot to the conversation. But before we start solutioning, we take the time to understand what makes your situation unique and what success looks like for you, your institution, and your students.

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em·pa·thet·ic (adj.): able to understand and share the feelings of another

Most of our team members have worked on campus. With this experience, we bring a firsthand understanding of your challenges and a passion for the social and economic mobility that higher ed can create. This understanding and passion will help you balance automation and human connection to drive outcomes on your campus.

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Meet Our Team

Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is more passionate about higher education communication than Dave. His desire to create out-of-the-box solutions while employing an under-the-radar approach is evident in Mongoose’s innovative and intuitive software.

Phil Lunas
Philip Lunas

Phil looks into the future, analyzes all sorts of information, and empowers data-driven decision-making at Mongoose. He brings a 20+ year track record of helping companies scale efficiently and responsibly. Inspired by his father, who championed education and lifelong learning, he’s dedicated to promoting the same in his personal and professional endeavors.

Andrew Veatch

Andrew is responsible for technology and product architecture at Mongoose, and couldn’t be more excited to be helping institutions optimize their communication. He has spent nearly his entire career in higher education technology.

Laura Nicole Miller

Motivated by her own experience as a FirstGen college student, Laura is dedicated to leveraging tech to make higher ed more accessible, affordable, and impactful. She’s led Marketing teams at large and small EdTech companies, and she taps that experience at Mongoose, leading our Marketing team to make more messages count.

Leslie Skwara

While the financial responsibilities of the company lie in Leslie’s hands (no pressure), her role with the company cannot be restrained by a mere bio. Think “lifeblood.” From operations and accounting to contracts and Client Love, Leslie is holding the reins of a rocket ship heading to the moon. And, she does it all while basking in our gratitude and admiration.

Nikki Matuszek

Nikki has spent the past 13 years of her career dedicated to Ed-Tech in both Higher Ed and K12. Prior to joining Mongoose, Nikki led sales and customer success teams at Hobsons, PowerSchool, D2L, and BookNook. As a former First-Gen college student, she is deeply focused on empowering student access to higher education while supporting institutional goals for clients

Rick Del Rosario
Rick del Rosario

Rick is a veteran higher education professional with more than 20 years of experience leading units both on campus and within EdTech. With a team of equally passionate and experienced professionals, Rick is focused on partnering with institutions to deliver solutions ideally suited for the modern student journey.