Effortlessly Connect Cadence and Workday

Automate your two-way data integration seamlessly, ensuring your student information is always synchronized and up-to-date for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

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Easy Configuration

Cadence offers a simple setup process within our user interface, allowing you to easily configure the integration and establish a seamless data flow with Workday.

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Leverage Existing API

By utilizing Workday’s existing API and web-enabled custom report functionality, Cadence ensures that your standard processes remain uninterrupted while integrating new data.

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Scheduled Data Imports

With the ability to schedule automatic data imports up to four times a day, Cadence keeps your data current without requiring manual updates.

Importing Data into Cadence

  • Field Mapping: Automatically import contact data from Workday into Cadence, creating and updating records effortlessly.
  • Custom Flexibility: Import custom fields for personalized engagement and improved data segmentation in Cadence.
  • Team Configurations: Different teams can use specific fields from various Workday reports for unique needs.

Exporting Interactions from Cadence

  • Messaging Activity Updates: Export all incoming and outgoing text messages from Cadence into Workday as “Notes” in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Communication History: Maintain a complete text message history within Workday contact records.
  • Activity Monitoring: Track and log message export activities within Cadence’s integration settings for transparency.
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