Are We in a ChatGPT Crisis?
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July 5, 2023

Are We in a ChatGPT Crisis?

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Are we in a ChatGPT Crisis?

On a special live edition of For Your Institution held at Mongoose’s Masterclass,  EngagEd, Gil Rogers sits down with Nathan Kahl, director of communications at George Mason University. They discuss the evolution of communication and the platforms we use to communicate, the importance of building authentic relationships and interactions, and using ChatGPT in higher ed.


Nathan and Gil discuss the evolution of communication practices and the platforms we use to effectively send and receive messages to different audiences. 

During one of his early interviews, Nathan recalled being asked if he knew how to use email. 

“Back then, it was an electronic version of a memo, so people would be very formal and indent that first paragraph. I even remember people dating emails,” he says. “Over time, it wasn’t that long ago where we’d see, ‘Please forgive any errors, this was sent from my phone,’ and now people just don’t care about errors whatsoever.”

Nathan says is knowing your audience is most important when it comes to communicating. 

“It’s fascinating how we choose to communicate with whom over what platform,” Nathan says. “Who is your audience? How are they best going to receive your information? We learned a long time ago we don’t email teenagers.” 

Gil and Nathan also highlight the importance of having authentic interactions and building relationships with the people you communicate with at your institution.

Nathan notes that how your audience perceives your institution is going to affect how they receive your messaging. He adds that deviating from typical corporate speak can go a long way in helping that perception. 

“Establish your [brand’s] voice that differentiates you a little bit so your audience knows what’s coming – so that they feel like you’re talking to them, not just selling to them – that’s key.”

The discussion also touched on ChatGPT and how it can fit within higher education and to utilize communication  tools. 

“We’ve seen over the years, technology comes along, we think it’s going to destroy jobs, displace jobs, etc.,” says Nathan, “I don’t think in our industry we have anything to worry about in the short-term. I don’t think it’s where it needs to be to replace a person.”

“ChatGPT isn’t coming for your job; someone who knows how to use ChatGPT is coming for your job,” adds Gil. 

 Both Gil and Nathan agree that it’s something higher ed should  embrace rather than fear. They also note that the quality of what you get out is based on the quality of the prompt you provide. 

Nathan says he encourages his staff to use ChatGPT, which often creates a great first draft or starting point. He also notes that you must always, “check it for the voice and all the things that will make it yours.” 

Both agree Chat GPT can enhance your job and make it more efficient if used correctly. 

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Are We in a ChatGPT Crisis