Content Marketing in Higher Ed
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July 5, 2023

Content Marketing in Higher Ed

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Gil Rogers, the host of FYI, is joined from across the pond by Kyle Campbell, founder and managing director of Education Marketer. Kyle blends his experiences as a marketing and higher education professional to bring you clever and insightful strategies to help your university.


When Kyle founded Education Marketer, he was initially worried about keeping up with the pace of change reshaping higher education. Unable to find exactly what he was looking for, he built it himself! Kyle provides training and development, content building strategies, is a speaker on marketing, media, and content trends, and is a consultant for higher education marketing. 

Education Marketing publishes a quirky overview of higher ed news, digital marketing, and technology (he had me at quirky, honestly). Each letter also contains an analysis of a university’s marketing initiatives and a take on how emerging trends are set to impact higher education.


For those audience members watching, you’ll get to take in Kyle’s impressive Super Mario Bros. collection as he and Gil start the episode by discussing how the new Super Mario Bros. movie will do at the box office. 

Whether you’re watching or listening, you’ll hear them discuss the LinkedIn algorithm and the burnout content creators can experience, the history of how Education Marketing came to be, and the content creation process. Kyle also discusses what drives him nuts when it comes to content marketing in the higher education space. 

“I keep seeing people talking about lead funnels and people moving from discovery down this narrow path to purchase. I almost think it’s quite an arrogant way to think about marketing,” Kyle says. “No one comes to the top of your funnel and moves seamlessly through your automation sequence to a decision. I can’t believe we still measure our performance based on this.”

Kyle also adds that how people make decisions is massively different than even 10 years ago and especially thinks about what a weird phrase “keeping people warm” in your nurturing campaign is. 

Tune in to hear the entire conversation about the buying journey, communication strategies, and how to bring technology into your team. Remember to subscribe!

Content Marketing in Higher Ed with Kyle Campbell