These are the Trends in Student Engagement that We’re Watching
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August 24, 2023

These are the Trends in Student Engagement that We’re Watching

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If you’re passionate about cutting-edge technology and how it supports student success, you’re in the right place. On the FYI (For Your Institution) Podcast, we believe in bringing you the most informed and forward-thinking perspectives while maintaining a commitment to open and meaningful dialogue. We also cover a wide range of themes, including digital transformationpersonalized learningemerging technologiesstudent engagement, and much more.

Throughout our time hosting FYI, we’ve learned more than a few things about the state of higher education. For example, if you don’t have a solid relationship with your EdTech provider, now is the time to build one.

We’ve seen first-hand just how rapidly the landscape of higher education is changing. That’s why having great student engagement solutions is one thing, but it is the partnership between you and your EdTech provider that will make the biggest impact. This partnership should balance the needs of your institution with strategic and effective engagement solutions. At its core, this partnership is all about understanding, empathy, and a shared goal — to enhance the student experience at your institution.

Misconceptions Surrounding Student Engagement Solutions

Unfortunately, there are EdTech misconceptions and challenges that can disrupt this well-balanced partnership. For example, there is the idea of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to communication. But here’s the thing: Everyone’s different. This perspective disregards the unique needs and expectations of every individual interacting with the system.

Another common misconception is that simply incorporating a chat function or other text-based communication tools automatically equals effective student engagement. The reality is that students today aren’t just looking for high-tech interfaces; they want meaningful connections and personalized interactions.

Truly effective communication results from understanding students’ needs, preferences, and habits. By doing so, you can develop tools that prioritize user needs over mere functionality. (For instance, CRM tools should focus less on ticking off a list of features and more on creating opportunities for deeper, more personalized student engagement, but that’s a hot take for another time.)

Ultimately, acknowledging and addressing these misconceptions is what will drive EdTech future trends.

Making Strategic Investments in EdTech Trends

Budget limitations are a real concern for many higher education institutions. When it comes to EdTech investment trends, financial constraints don’t necessarily mean you can’t make impactful investments. We see more and more institutions making strategic decisions to spend their money on platforms and tools that deliver robust, personalized, and engaging learning experiences. But remember, it’s not just about the tech — it is also about the ongoing support, the shared understanding of your strategic goals, and the ability to adapt together in this ever-evolving educational landscape.

We’re all striving to find the perfect balance of cost, functionality, and user experience. But here’s the truth: The student engagement EdTech trends that will have a longstanding impact are those that put the user experience front and center. The tools that build genuine human connections, meet students where they are, and understand their unique needs will always be the key success factors of the EdTech industry regarding student engagement.

Now, on to the exciting part. Here are four student engagement EdTech trends we are eagerly anticipating:

1. The Rise of Responsive Communication

The pandemic showed us just how valuable remote communication can be for educational institutions, as many fully embraced the benefits it offers. Now, it’s up to EdTech providers to step in and develop tools that seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. Students and staff need solutions that offer flexibility in communication without compromising the effectiveness of in-person engagement.

When it comes to engagement and communication, students and alumni now expect colleges and universities to be responsive to their wants and needs. They’ve seen how well communication works outside of higher education, and they want the same level of responsiveness from their schools. That’s where an integrated engagement tool becomes crucial. It not only helps track opt-outs and opt-ins but also provides best practices and guides to ensure that you’re communicating in the way your audience wants to be communicated with. The rise in responsive communication is all about meeting expectations and preferences, and it’s a guaranteed way to ensure your institution increases enrollment and retention.

2. AI For Enhanced Communication

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are making communication and responsiveness more attainable than ever. AI can delve deeper into chat and text conversations, understand and answer questions, and analyze the sentiment of conversations to flag those which need additional follow-ups. With the instant responsiveness of AI chat bot capabilities, students and alumni can feel more confident in their decisions, especially when first getting settled on a new campus.

With new AI technology such as generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs), large language models (LLMs), and natural language processing (NLP), institutions can meet students’ communication expectations better than ever before. As AI technology continues to develop, we here at Mongoose are optimistic about the potential to make communication even more personalized and effective for each user.

3. Powerful Data Analytics

Data analytics has evolved from a mere buzzword to a game-changer. Educational institutions have realized the immense value hidden within vast amounts of data, shedding light on student behaviors and learning patterns. This treasure trove of information enables schools to personalize teaching methods, resources, and interventions, leading to enhanced learning experiences and improved student outcomes.

But here’s where it gets even more exciting: With Mongoose’s extensive network of over 950 partners, we offer a unique advantage that goes beyond the typical data insights. Our Cadence platform allows you to benchmark your institution against competitors and peers. Imagine the power of comparing your performance and strategies with other leading institutions in the education landscape. It’s a level of analysis and evaluation that only our partnership can provide, giving you a distinct edge in the pursuit of heightened student engagement.

4. Collaboration Tools

The modern classroom is evolving, shifting from a solitary learning experience to one involving communal interaction. As remote and hybrid learning become the norm, EdTech developers are dedicating themselves to designing collaborative platforms that capture the dynamics of in-person groups. These technologies will enable group work, peer feedback, and community building, adding a layer of interaction and engagement to the learning experience.

Our team of experts here at Mongoose understands that effective collaboration goes beyond just student interaction. That’s why our solution empowers higher education staff to work together seamlessly, ensuring they can better serve students with responsive communication and enhanced engagement opportunities. With features like shared inboxes and centralized communication channels, our platform facilitates efficient teamwork and coordination. This level of collaboration also simplifies workflows, improves communication, and ultimately enhances the overall student experience.

Stick With Mongoose to Guide You Through Shifting Student Engagement Trends

The student engagement journey constantly evolves, with higher ed institutions adapting to and shaping these trends. Remember, the path of student engagement is not navigated alone. Whether you’re just implementing new solutions or building on current ones, it is a strategic partnership between your higher ed institution and EdTech providers that will empower your institution to make connections that matter.

Together, we can guide and support each other, creating an experience that is engaging, inclusive, and effective for every student.

Gain an edge in the competitive higher education landscape! Stay informed, inspired, and ahead by subscribing to our FYI podcast — your key to the latest student engagement and EdTech industry trends.