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AI Assistant

Work Smarter with the Power of Cadence AI

Embrace the future of higher education engagement with our easy-to-use AI tools, which are seamlessly available throughout Cadence.

  • Automatic generative responses to your website visitors’ queries
  • Suggested replies to help you craft that perfect message
  • An in-product bot that acts as your all-around helper and features expert
SMS Texting

Targeted messages that actually get read

Easy-to-use two-way messaging with preset templates, contact segmentation, powerful automation, smart messages, and campaign tracking to support the full student lifecycle.

  • Thoughtfully nurture applicants toward enrollment
  • Meet students where they are to boost student engagement and retention efforts
  • Personalize donor outreach to exceed fundraising goals
Chat - Text Inbox Overview - Cadence Platform
Live Chat

Real time, personalized campus-wide support

Authentic web-based conversations elevated with automated contact capture, artificial intelligence, interactive info boards, conversation history, department routing, and personalized branding.

  • Assist with urgent questions while adding a personal touch
  • Let visitors message you at all times and reply when convenient
  • Easily follow up via SMS texting via our chat-to-text functionality
Chat Inbox Overview from Cadence Platform
AI Chatbot

Perfect balance of AI and personal connection

GPT model-trained chatbot powered by all your institution-based data points to ensure accuracy when providing instant answers and guidance.

  • Save time for high-value tasks with reduced call and email volume
  • Seamlessly collect prospect contact info to achieve departmental goals
  • Expertise in enrollment, success, finance, alumni, and fundraising
Cadence Platform - Mongoose university messaging system

Turn your conversations into action

Natural language processing AI that accelerates your understanding of campus-wide conversations through the analysis of topics, themes, and nuanced emotions.

  • Uncover what wording impacted admits, yield, retention, and fundraising
  • Proactively understand student sentiment to take actions that reduce melt
  • Learn what is working for your competitors and where prospecting overlaps
Cadence Platform Applications Overview - Mongoose

Integrate with your go-to apps

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