Advancement Edtech
May 02 2024

Institutional Advancement: How Cadence is the Secret to Success 

If you’re an academic leader, you know just how vital your institutional advancement strategy is to the future of your campus,

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Four people are having a meeting about their Giving Day activities.
Apr 16 2024

A Quick Guide to Making the Most of Giving Day: The Higher Ed Edition

For many campuses, charitable donations from alumni and other community members are essential. While donations can come in at any time throughout the fiscal year, Giving Day, a day dedicated to fundraising efforts, is one of the most anticipated ...

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A happy college donor sits at a desk with her laptop.
Advancement Communications
Mar 27 2024

5 Innovative Donor Engagement Strategies (And Tips!)

You need an effective donor engagement strategy to engage with your donors and inspire them to continue supporting your college or university. With the constant inflow of messages from other organizations and advertisements, getting your message ...

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Group of college graduates throwing their caps in the air.
Advancement Communications
Mar 13 2024

Stay Connected: 5 Alumni Engagement Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to promote your campus and keep current students engaged with their studies, look no further than your alums. Creating relationships with your alums is critical for various reasons, and not just for financial ...

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Happy College Girl Using Smartphone Texting Outdoor
Advancement Communications Student Success
Jun 05 2023

It’s 2023: Do You Know Where Your Students are Communicating?

It’s no secret that the communication landscape has taken a large leap forward in recent years, and that’s especially true for college students. As digital natives, today’s “traditional” students have grown up in ...

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