Why 950+ Institutions Love Cadence
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June 1, 2023

Why 950+ Institutions Love Cadence

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When we say that Cadence is higher ed’s premier engagement platform, we’re evoking the sentiments of our users. More than 950 colleges and universities use Cadence to text and chat with prospective and current students, their families, alumni, and donors to make it easier for them to reach their goals. And, if that isn’t easy for higher ed professionals, then it won’t do.

We asked the our clients what they love about Cadence, and this is what they said:

Features For The Win

Everyone knows the power of texting versus phone calls, but not every engagement platform is created equally. One of the phrases we received multiple times from colleges was “ease of use.” When staff members have access to a platform with intelligent texting features, they’re not only going to enjoy using that tool, it will get the work done faster. 

“Before we used Cadence, all of our counselors individually created Google Voice accounts and shared that with the students, so we had little to no automation. Having to text a large number of students manually did not create efficient messaging and it showed in our overall tracking and connection with the students. 

Cadence’s integration with our CRM and the use of features such as Segments has been so instrumental in our recruiting efforts. I’ve been able to contact students before visits and hold pop-up office hours at coffee shops. It has made a difference in turnout.” – Admissions Counselor at a 4-year Private Institution

Mass Communication, On a Personal Level

Whether an institution has hundreds of thousands of alumni or a large number of prospective students, they’re going to need a tool that makes it easy to send lots of texts at once. However, blasting texts to your constituents without engaging them is a recipe for disaster. Our partner institutions love the way Cadence balances efficiency with relationship-building.

“Cadence has eased our communication process by equipping our staff to send customized messages to thousands of students. Our office can now contact students quickly and efficiently for a variety of reasons. 

Our students love Mongoose Cadence and they often text our office throughout the year with additional questions. We are ecstatic to work with Mongoose as we serve our students to the best of our ability!” – Admissions Office Assistant at a Community College

Giving Students What THEY Want

In enrollment, the goal of all communications is to help students. If the end result is not a positive one for prospective students and their families, then institutions need to re-think their communication strategy. Many colleges that responded that they love Cadence because their students feel seen and supported. 

Texting is a powerful medium because of its ability to foster quick, helpful conversations that guide students through obstacles. The Cadence engagement platform  integrates with an institution’s system of record, data is always up-to-date, and can be utilized to connect with all audiences, including students and alumni. 

“Mongoose has changed our college’s entire world! We have much better contact with our students, not to mention faster response times from text messaging than we have ever had by email or phoning students. We can now fulfill enrollment questions, advise, recruit, provide support, increase retention, and send reminders about events with the assistance of Cadence. Thank you all for your hard work and efforts, Mongoose!” – Advisor at a Community College


Texting With Cadence Gets Results

At the end of the day, your institution’s engagement platform is a tool. And, because a tool is an investment, your department needs to show a return on that investment. At Mongoose, we take great pride in helping colleges and universities achieve and showcase tangible results.

“We know our students do not check their emails as regularly as they should. We did a push to our seniors to let them know about our Career Fair. Before sending the texts out, we only had 42 registered. After the communication was sent out, we had over 450 students registered for our event! It has helped so much to get the word out this semester!” –  Career Counselor at 4-year University

Want to find out how your institution would benefit from higher ed’s premier engagement platform? Explore Cadence today, and see why Mongoose is loved by more than 950 colleges and universities.