Advancement Communications Student Success
Jun 05 2023

It’s 2023: Do You Know Where Your Students are Communicating?

It’s no secret that the communication landscape has taken a large leap forward in recent years, and that’s especially

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Faculty Texting
Edtech Enrollment Student Success
Jun 01 2023

Why 950+ Institutions Love Cadence

When we say that Cadence is higher ed’s premier engagement platform, we’re evoking the sentiments of our users. More than 950 colleges and universities use Cadence to text and chat with prospective and current students, their families, ...

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Mongoose Gradient Background Blue Teal
Enrollment Student Success
May 16 2023

A Belonging Boost: 3 Ways to Create Community through Digital Communication

Listen in as Mongoose’s Luciana DiTullio chats with Jana Jaraysi, Director of Admissions, and Nathan Marney, Enrollment Marketing Manager, at Eastern Washington University. They cover everything from ensuring that your message lands with ...

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The Impact of Text Nudges on Student Retention
Enrollment Student Success
Apr 25 2023

The Impact of Text Nudges on Student Retention

Our FYI host with the most, Gil Rogers, sits down with Dr. Ann Lyn Hall, CEO of Prosperity Works. They discuss the economic impact a degree has on not only the student but their families as well. The two also dive into research Ann Lyn has ...

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College Classroom
Communications Student Success
Feb 17 2023

Mongoose and The Chronicle of Higher Education: Belonging, Trust and the Student Journey

For college students, feeling a sense of trust and belonging on campus are critical components of the student journey. When students feel secure and connected to their university, they are happier and more engaged on campus––both inside and ...

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SSO Mongoose Use Case
Jan 16 2023

3 Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) for Higher Ed

Single sign-on, or SSO, is being adopted across the higher ed industry, especially at larger institutions. If you haven’t heard about it, you will soon. SSO is a secure method of authentication that allows your staff to log into multiple ...

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