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Jul 16 2024

The Higher Education Industry: Three Strategies to Stay Ahead of Current Challenges

At some point, every industry undergoes a significant shift. While these shifts are challenging, they often bring about

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Five college students sit at a table
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Jul 08 2024

Building Lasting Connections: 6 Key Benefits of a Peer Mentor Program

Your campus is booming with connection opportunities for your students. And if you haven’t considered adding a peer mentor program to your list of offerings, it’s time you reconsider.  Your students can learn so much from their classmates. ...

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college students sit in an auditorium
Communications Edtech Student Success
Jul 03 2024

The Power of Student Engagement Data [+ How to Use AI to Boost Retention and Graduation Rates]

Here’s a secret (well, sort of): students who are engaged in their studies and active on campus become graduates. And if you’re a campus leader, you know accurate student engagement data is the key to ensuring student success. With new ...

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College students sit at a cafe table.
Communications Enrollment
Jun 20 2024

How to Increase International Student Enrollment: A Quick Guide

From learning about diverse cultures from their peers to exploring new ways of critical thinking, international students are essential to your student body. But, attracting and retaining international students can be challenging, especially ...

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A student works on homework at a desk.
Communications Edtech
Jun 17 2024

Sentiment Analysis: The Key to Boosting Your Student Engagement Rate

If you’re in higher education and looking for ways to increase your student engagement rate, consider using an AI tool capable of sentiment analysis.  Sentiment analysis is an increasingly popular function of AI technology. Using an ...

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Tackling FAFSA Delays with Emily Coleman
Admissions Communications Enrollment Student Success
Apr 08 2024

Tackling FAFSA Delays: Insights for Enrollment Management Professionals with Emily Coleman

Who is Emily Coleman? Emily Coleman is an expert from HAI Analytics with extensive experience in enrollment management and higher education strategy. In this Episode… Gil Rogers and Emily Coleman explore the significant impact of FAFSA delays on ...

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A happy college donor sits at a desk with her laptop.
Advancement Communications
Mar 27 2024

5 Innovative Donor Engagement Strategies (And Tips!)

You need an effective donor engagement strategy to engage with your donors and inspire them to continue supporting your college or university. With the constant inflow of messages from other organizations and advertisements, getting your message ...

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A student sits at a desk with her books and a laptop.
Communications Edtech
Mar 22 2024

Redefining Your Academic Lifecycle: The Role of Generative AI in Higher Education

When you hear “generative AI,” you might automatically think of ChatGPT. And, if you’re a campus leader, the question that might pop into your head next is, “How are students using ChatGPT in their assignments?” Sure, students likely ...

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Group of college graduates throwing their caps in the air.
Advancement Communications
Mar 13 2024

Stay Connected: 5 Alumni Engagement Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to promote your campus and keep current students engaged with their studies, look no further than your alums. Creating relationships with your alums is critical for various reasons, and not just for financial ...

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An engaged student and a professor interacting in a college learning environment
Feb 05 2024

Breaking Barriers: Implementing Student Engagement Strategies in Higher Ed

Staying on top of classes, clubs, enrichment activities, and enrollment deadlines can be challenging for many college students. And when college becomes challenging, it’s easy for students to fall behind and disengage with their degree program. If ...

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