Law and Technology: Why Law Schools Need Conversational Technology
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November 30, 2023

Law and Technology: Why Law Schools Need Conversational Technology

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It’s important to consider the impact of law and technology when crafting your law school enrollment strategy. Law school students have questions and little time to seek answers, which is why it’s essential to have the right technology in place to provide prospective and current law school students with information. Conversational technology allows your school to do just that.

What Is Conversational Technology?

Conversational technology is a tool. These tools use real-time conversations to connect recruitment and admissions teams with prospects and applicants. This can be through texting, live chat, and/or AI chatbots. Real-time conversations solve problems quickly and build trust. Plus, with personalized communication, friction is removed from the enrollment process. When recruiting and building your next 1L class, creating a sense of inclusion begins with that initial engagement and continues throughout each student’s journey. 

How Can Texting Increase Student Engagement at Your Law School?

Law and technology have a harmonious relationship. Colleges and universities that text are able to reach more students with minimal staff and resources. Law schools can leverage texting to notify students of important updates and announcements. Enrollment, student success, and alumni teams at institutions can text students about the events relevant to them – for example: exams, speaker events, mock trials, advisor appointments, bar prep, internship opportunities, and more.  The 1-on-1 connection law schools can achieve with a texting platform is the key to boosting student activation and engagement. You can effectively keep law students on track, remind them of important deadlines, and build a rapport that can’t be matched by emails.

Save Time With Smart Message Automation

Every message from a law student is important, but your college probably doesn’t have the staff to answer every single one of them in a timely manner. Smart Message Automation is a feature of Cadence that will actually interpret incoming texts from students and respond to those texts automatically if the student’s intent is known with a high degree of certainty. Smart messages can also act as a concierge for your institution, notifying staff when a human needs to intervene.

The benefits of law and technology don’t end there. Chat is a powerful form of conversational technology. If there is one defining characteristic of law school students, it’s that they work long hours. Your university needs to have a plan to answer questions outside of the standard 9-to-5 workday. An AI chatbot is an automated response solution that steps in when prompted by a visitor to your college’s website. For example, if a prospective student is attending a recruitment event or a current student has a question about financial aid or housing, a chatbot is available 24/7 to assist. With every conversation an AI chatbot has with a student, the better at collecting data it becomes. 

While an AI chatbot can handle thousands of queries, sometimes website visitors still need help. Live chat is a feature that allows staff members from your law school to jump in and take control of a conversation when appropriate. The added personal touch goes a long way in helping students stay connected and receive prompt responses to their questions.  

Strengthen Your Communication Channels With Cadence

Technology strengthens your communication channels and eases the burden faced by your staff. Learn more about how Cadence effortlessly combines the benefits of law and technology to boost enrollment at your school.