Enrollment Student Success
Apr 25 2023

The Impact of Text Nudges on Student Retention

Our FYI host with the most, Gil Rogers, sits down with Dr. Ann Lyn Hall, CEO of Prosperity Works. They discuss the

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Tackling FAFSA Delays with Emily Coleman
Admissions Communications Enrollment Student Success
Apr 08 2024

Tackling FAFSA Delays: Insights for Enrollment Management Professionals with Emily Coleman

This episode delves into the implications of the recent FAFSA delays announced by the Department of Education for enrollment management professionals. Host Gil Rogers and guest Emily Coleman discuss proactive strategies institutions can employ to ...

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Aug 08 2023

Empathy Meets EdTech: How to Balance Automation and Human Interaction

Colleges and universities are responsible for attracting prospective students to campus, convincing students of the value of a degree, keeping students on track to graduate, fostering a sense of belonging from the moment students express interest ...

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