Revolutionizing Science Education: A Conversation with Sasha Peterson
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August 8, 2023

Revolutionizing Science Education: A Conversation with Sasha Peterson

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In this episode of FYI, host Gil Rogers engages in a lively conversation with Sasha Peterson, CEO of Science Interactive, exploring the groundbreaking ways institutions can enhance online STEM programs. From the unique challenges of teaching science online to the transformative impact on student accessibility, this episode delves into the future of science education.

Who is Sasha Peterson?

Sasha Peterson, the CEO of Science Interactive, brings a wealth of experience in education technology. With a background in enrollment technology and a passion for enhancing science education, Sasha is driving innovative solutions to make STEM courses accessible to learners everywhere.

In this Episode…

Sasha and Gil kick off the episode by revisiting their shared interest in smoking brisket and the online community #SmokersofEM. Transitioning to the core discussion, they explore the challenges and opportunities of teaching science online, especially in STEM fields. Sasha sheds light on Science Interactive’s unique approach, comparing it to “Blue Apron for science education.”

The conversation covers three major avenues institutions explore to deliver online science education: home kits, virtual simulations, and Science Interactive’s lab-grade kits. Sasha emphasizes the importance of safety, cost considerations, and the profound impact on accessibility. He shares insights into the company’s commitment to hands-on learning, its extensive safety measures, and how institutions can strategically incorporate these solutions to augment on-campus facilities.

The discussion touches on the evolving landscape of online education, the creative ways institutions can expand their offerings, and the critical role Science Interactive plays in advancing science education. From addressing liability concerns to the cost-effectiveness of their approach, Sasha provides a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in revolutionizing STEM education.

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