Communications Edtech Student Success
Aug 08 2023

Revolutionizing Science Education: A Conversation with Sasha Peterson

In this episode of FYI, host Gil Rogers engages in a lively conversation with Sasha Peterson, CEO of Science Interactive, exploring the groundbreaking ways institutions can enhance online STEM programs. From the unique challenges of teaching science ...

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The DEI Learning Design Imperitive
Communications Edtech Student Success
Aug 01 2023

The Many Lenses to Look Through When Designing Online Learning

Gil Rogers, the host of FYI, is joined by Laurie Pulido, CEO of Ease Learning, which she founded in 2003. Her company provides learning design services and technology solutions that transform the learner experience. Ease Learning focuses ...

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Cadence Campus, Live
Nov 29 2023

Cadence Campus, Live: The Power of Automation

This case study covers best practices and strategies for texting current and prospective ...

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Aug 08 2023

Empathy Meets EdTech: How to Balance Automation and Human Interaction

Colleges and universities are responsible for attracting prospective students to campus, convincing students of the value of a degree, keeping students on track to graduate, fostering a sense of belonging from the moment students express interest ...

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Guy texting via his phone
Aug 30 2023

AMA: AMAnything (Yes Anything, We Mean It)

Have questions about how to connect across campus? Looking for insights into what works when it comes to engaging students, from their first inquiries to their first donation as alumni? Every Wednesday throughout August, the Mongoose team brought ...

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Students working together outside
Aug 24 2023

These are the Trends in Student Engagement that We’re Watching

If you’re passionate about cutting-edge technology and how it supports student success, you’re in the right place. On the FYI (For Your Institution) Podcast, we believe in bringing you the most informed and forward-thinking ...

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Empty university without students
Sep 21 2023

Could an Integrated Engagement Solution Be the Key to Navigating the Higher Ed Enrollment Cliff?

We are preparing for a considerable shift in the higher ed landscape, and this time it’s a doozy. The higher ed enrollment cliff is a looming reality that promises a potential 10-15% drop in incoming college students ...

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Text Message Compliance in Student Engagement Software
Sep 28 2023

A CIO’s Guide: Text Message Compliance in Student Engagement Software

In today’s digital age, the role of technology in higher education has never been more critical. With an increasing reliance on communication platforms, student engagement software has become a staple for educational institutions. However, the ...

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